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Looking for a partner to provide your company with expertise on data security, IT asset retirement, and maximizing return through resale of your equipment? LifeSpan provides national and global managed ITAD services for organizations like yours.

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Beyond DoD

In the late 1990’s, The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) published specific standards to ensure secure data destruction from magnetic hard drives and magnetic tapes. A lot has changed since that initial standard was published

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Wiping Data on Mobile Devices

Wiping Data on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices contain more sensitive information than you may think: emails, access to company data through cloud storage, media files, photos, and more. Learn the best data destruction methods for safely wiping your company’s mobile devices.

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IT Asset Managers Guide To Disposition

IT Asset Managers
Guide to Disposition

For IT asset management, minimizing costs, maximizing recovery and integrating the data destruction process with asset management systems can be a challenge. And this guide covers all the important aspects of asset disposition.

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Carbon Emissions Avoidance

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LifeSpan Environmental Effect Finder

LEEF 2015 NEWElectronic equipment is full of hazardous materials that you don’t want in your body, in your water supply, or in the air you breathe. These materials and chemicals can leach into the ground and water or be emitted to the air if they are improperly disposed of, such as in a landfill or through burning.

Not only does proper recycling ensure these materials are isolated and safely reprocessed and repurposed, it also prevents new raw materials from having to be mined, extracted, and smelted to be used for new electronics.

The environmental toll of mining and extracting new heavy and precious metals as opposed to using recycled and repurposed scrap materials is quantified in this model. For instance, it takes only 10% of the energy to smelt scrap PC cases into steel than it does for iron to be mined, transported, and smelted into the equivalent amount of steel — with a lot less waste material generated.


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