Moving ‘RIGHT’ Ahead

Our Philosophy

In everything we do, our focus remains single-minded – We do ITAD right.
This is the guiding philosophy for our main focus areas:

Data Security and Destruction

Lifespan doesn’t compromise while protecting precious data on your retired products. With us, you can rest assured that you will get complete protection against any kind of data breach. Because our team ensures that your data is securely handled, transported and destroyed.

Value Recovery Services

The products that reach the end of their active lifecycle, can still play a constructive role. Our parent company Bluum Technology, with an impeccable track record of over 30 years, has a direct partnership with school districts across North America. This gives us a distinct advantage of providing computers, laptops, printers and other equipment to empower the student community. This continues to be a great avenue to fulfil our CSR commitment towards our society. It also gives you better returns for your products, as there is no third party involvement in our association with hundreds of educational institutions.

Environmental Stewardship
environmental stewardship

Our commitment to our planet is non-negotiable. Because our future generations should inherit only the best from us, to make their lives happier and healthier. We follow every rule and regulation stipulated by the government and other competent authorities. At every stage of IT Asset Disposition, we follow ITAD best practices to reduce carbon footprint and other hazardous substances.



We start by performing an assessment that takes into account the needs of every stakeholder in your organization.


ITAD Planning

Next, we plan and build a program designed to meet your organization’s specific ITAD requirement.



Your ITAD requirements are different from that of another organization, which is why we offer customized solutions.


ITAD Execution

We help you create an enterprise-wide ITAD plan and execute it responsibly with our efficient processes.

What Our Clients Say