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I.T. Leasing

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I.T. Leasing

Our Lease Returns program is headed by a team that has spearheaded multi-billion-dollar leased asset portfolios at leading international leasing companies. Their combined experience gives Lifespan an in-depth understanding of your needs and the know-how to meet them.

The Lifespan Lease Returns expertise includes:

Detailed line-item audits – easy to confirm all of your leased assets were returned in good working condition

The ability to purchase an entire lease schedule of equipment at once eliminates headaches from partial payments and consignments.

Compliance with all data and hardware destruction and recycling regulations protect your business and your lessees’ businesses
An IT asset management company that is not owned by a competing leasing company.

Certified to protect you and your customer:

Lifespan is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, which means we can get higher returns on resold assets.

Lifespan meets or exceeds the most rigorous data destruction standards, including the U.S. Department of Defense data destruction standards.

These high standards protect you from regulatory fees and protect you and your lessees’ private data when equipment is resold. We will also dispose of any unsellable hardware in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Lifespan Advantage

Lifespan’s expert ITAD team, combined with our wide network, gives you the following advantages:

Lifespan Expert ITAD Team

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