Smart Recycling for Small Businesses

EZ-cycle® Box

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EZ-cycle® Box

Lifespan’s EZ-cycle® Box is designed to provide simplified recycling solutions for small businesses, multi-site locations, and remote offices. With an EZ-cycle® Box, disposing of obsolete IT equipment is as easy as throwing it away, without facing any penalty or legal issues.

With Lifespan’s EZ-cycle® Box, you can do smart recycling in 3 easy steps:

Contact Lifespan to order an EZ-cycle® Box (box will arrive in two to five business days).
Place unwanted equipment into the EZ-cycle® Box
Contact Lifespan when you’re ready for pickup

EZ-cycle® Box

Fits in easily:

EZ-cycle® boxes are designed to fit easily in crowded business environments.

Available in various sizes:

Can hold approximately 40 small computers, 20 15-inch monitors, or 16 17-inch monitors (up to 1,000 lbs.).

Flexible Delivery/Pick-up Schedule:

The EZ-cycle® Box can remain at your location for as long as requested by you. We will pick up the filled EZ-cycle® Box within two business days.

Includes Certificate of Recycling:

Lifespan will provide you with a Certificate of Recycling that lists the amount of material recycled, the date it was processed, and verification that all material was handled in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

*Contact Lifespan Account Managers for more information on EZ-Cycle Box pricing.

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