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a guide to minimizing the risk of it asset disposition
A Guide to Minimizing the Risk of IT Asset Disposition

If you're involved with identifying and planning for risk at your organization, one source you can't overlook is what you do when you dispose of old IT equipment. This eBook covers four strategies for minimizing the risk of: Data Breach, Non-Compliance with industry regulations and Environmental Violation.

Degaussing for magnetic media
Degaussing for Magnetic Media

Data security is a top priority for most organizations when it comes to the disposition of their IT assets. However, many misconceptions exist about the process, standards and technology related to degaussing magnetic media.

it asset managers guide to disposition
IT Asset Manager’s Guide to Disposition

For those responsible for IT asset management, minimizing costs, maximizing recovery and integrating the data destruction process with asset management systems can be a challenge. This guide covers all the important aspects of asset disposition: how to minimize cost, maximize resale value, and integrate disposition into your asset management processes.

environmental compliance in itad guide
Guide to Environmental Compliance in IT Asset Disposition

This paper covers today's leading standards for environmental compliance when disposing of retired IT assets as well as the benefits of incorporating these standards into a holistic program for IT asset disposition (ITAD).

it asset managers guide to cloud migration
The IT Asset Manager’s Guide to Cloud Migration

This paper discusses the six major IT asset management and disposition issues commonly encountered during a data center move, consolidation or cloud migration and suggests strategies to ensure an efficient and cost-effective project. Learn the ITAD best practices when it comes to migrating your systems to the cloud.

data destruction standards beyond dod
Data Destruction Standards: Beyond DoD

In the late 1990’s, The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) published specific standards to ensure secure data destruction from magnetic hard drives and magnetic tapes. A lot has changed since that initial standard was published.

advances in SSD erasure solutions
Advances in SSD Erasure Solutions: A Risk Based Approach

Solid State Drives can't be wiped like traditional hard drives - learn the most effective methods for data erasure concerning SSDs to minimize your risk.

it asset disposition self-assessment guide
IT Asset Disposition Self-Assessment Guide

This self-assessment can help IT Asset Managers identify and correct performance gaps in their current asset disposition process. It covers a step-by-step formula for evaluating your current plan's: Alignment With Corporate, Goals & Requirements, Financial Return, Data Security, Environmental Compliance, Program Efficiency and Risk Management.

10 myths about itad data erasure
10 Myths About ITAD Data Erasure

Still think a "DoD" wipe is the gold standard when it comes to wiping data? Learn about that and much more in this guide on 10 common misconceptions about data erasure. Download our Services Guide to learn more about how Lifespan can help you securely dispose of your assets, and get the most value reselling them.

Services Guide

How can Lifespan help your company with its retired, used, and end-of-life IT assets? What do you need? Lifespan provides a complete range of IT asset disposition services to business and organizations of any size—and anywhere, thanks to our nationwide network of facilities.