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Carbon Emissions Avoidance

Carbon Emissions Avoidance

Carbon Emissions Avoidance

At Lifespan, minimizing carbon footprint is an essential component in all our ITAD processes. Which is why we have not stopped at practicing and following fully audited, environment-friendly disposal programs for each of our clients. Our association with ClimateSmart Group  to helps to establish the value of positive environmental impact of refurbishment.

Lifespan’s clients are provided with supporting documents that quantify the landfill emissions avoided by Bluum Technology refurbishment and life-extending warranties.
Lifespan Technology Solutions provides the full range of IT Asset Disposition services. This includes hardware recycling and disposal, data destruction, and hardware resale for the best value.

Lifespan offers the flexibility of handling large quantities of equipment with a customized program. We work exclusively with EPA-registered and regulation-compliant partners to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection, as well as full compliance with local, state, and national regulations.

The Power of 3Rs

At Lifespan we strictly adhere to the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle philosophy. This has contributed to our success in the computer market for over two decades.

Our parent company – Bluum Technology, strongly believes in ‘Reuse’ and employs a large team of specialists working to extend the life of hundreds of thousands of computers. The extended warranty on refurbished systems and cradle-to-grave recycling programs create a closed loop process for retired IT assets.

Lifespan offers clients, the supporting documentation that certifies Carbon Emissions avoided by the ITAD program.

Power of 3Rs : Carbon Emissions avoided by the ITAD program
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