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Prevent Cybercrime

In today’s digital world, cybercrime has become a very real threat for businesses and consumers alike. It not only poses a legitimate risk to your security, but restoration can bear a costly expense in terms of lost time and revenue. Albeit cybercrime carries the potential for great harm, cybersecurity still

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Reduce, Reuse THEN Recycle.

In recent years, the global recycling industry has been highly criticized. Only 9 percent of plastic is being recycled in North America as most of our plastic is being dumped and burned overseas. China has recently enforced an import ban on large quantities of recycling resulting in industries scrambling for

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Apple Shifts Towards ‘Right to Repair’

In recent news, Apple has announced that they are taking steps towards “Right to Repair,” granting select independent repair shops the ability to repair iPhones by supplying authentic parts and diagnostics. As it currently stands, Right to Repair teams are being formed for 2020 to meet with state legislators and

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Are You Protected? Top Data Breach Trends of 2019

Hacking into sensitive data and information is a cyber criminal activity that can be detrimental to an organization, which is why ensuring you’re up to date with the latest data breach trends will keep you ahead of the fight against data breach and hacks. Some prevalent cyber security breach trends

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Ensure Care, Custody & Control of Your Data

Transporting hard drives and other media with sensitive data comes with significant risk. Lifespan’s Shred Trucks provide you with the safest option to securely destroy data. Our fleet of 5-ton shredding trucks can shred 600 drives per hour and over 10 drives a minute at your location and can be

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