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Welcome to Lifespan International

Lifespan International, with a proven expertise in IT Asset Disposition spanning over 20 years, is a preferred ITAD partner to global brands, well known corporate entities and government departments. Our innovative approach to data destruction, sanitization, re-marketing, and recycling is recognized by Gartner and approved by other certifying authorities. Lifespan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bluum Technology.

Our capabilities combine a comprehensive, enterprise-wide ITAD program to achieve cost-effective, efficient processes that maximize the value of asset returns, and eliminate any risk associated with precious data and the environment.



We start by performing an assessment that takes into account the needs of every stakeholder in your organization.


ITAD Planning

Next, we plan and build a program designed to meet your organization’s specific ITAD requirement.



Your ITAD requirements are different from that of another organization, which is why we offer customized solutions.


ITAD Execution

We help you create an enterprise-wide ITAD plan and execute it responsibly with our efficient processes.

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What We Offer

Always Dedicated and Devoted

We ensure secure data erasure/physical destruction in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner.

With Lifespan, your sensitive data is 100% protected and securely destroyed, throughout the ITAD process. 

Rest assured you’re reselling only your equipment, not your data. Expect better value returns with Lifespan.

The R2 and RIOS certifications reflect our commitment to follow all environmental regulations.

We pack and transport your IT assets efficiently to their final disposition in the most cost-effective manner.

Right from assessment to disposition, Lifespan’s expert team supports you through every stage of the ITAD program.

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Our Clients

Across Various Industries
Healthcare Leader

Healthcare Leader

Large Hospital Networks Client

Large Hospital Networks

Commercial Cleaning Leaders

Commercial Cleaning Leaders

Leading Valve Manufacturer

Leading Valve Manufacturer

Railway Corporation

Railway Corporation