The Advantages of Certified Data Destruction

Choosing a certified and experienced IT Asset Disposition vendor to safely wipe the data of your obsolete assets is crucial for avoiding sensitive data leakage. As devices reach their end-of-life point, it is important to understand the risk avoidances involved when dealing with a certified ITAD vendor. This is to steer clear of data breaches involving sensitive client or organizational data which could diminish your organization’s credibility and reputation.

The Advantages

Certified Third-Party Vendors

Partnering with a vendor that has been certified by a recognized third-party organization ensures due diligence. One of the most reliable certifications to look for is from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). The NAID AAA Certification is an industry-leading certification for data sanitization & destruction. It is important to use a NAID certified ITAD vendor, for ensuring the highest standards of data security and proper documentation of the disposition process.

Outsourcing a Vendor

Deciding to outsource a certified ITAD vendor is always the right option. It will help to save costs if you were to use your IT staff and ensure data destruction & sanitization processes are done according to best practices and in compliance with legal industry regulations.

On-site Data Wiping

A NAID-certified vendor has the capabilities for both plant-based and onsite data sanitization & destruction. Certified vendors can perform data destruction services inside your facility, so your data-bearing devices never leave the building. Further, certified vendors will physically destroy your electronic storage media, rendering the electronically stored data un-retrievable—giving you and your organization complete peace of mind.

Choose Lifespan

Lifespan is a certified, responsible IT Asset Disposition leader with world-class expertise and tools to handle 100% secure Data Security, Destruction and Sanitization for all types of data storage devices. By partnering with Lifespan, you will give your organization peace of mind by knowing your sensitive data is 100% protected as our facilities adhere to the NAID-AAA standard and follows all local, state, and national regulations. We do ITAD right!

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