Reduce, Reuse THEN Recycle.

In recent years, the global recycling industry has been highly criticized. Only 9 percent of plastic is being recycled in North America as most of our plastic is being dumped and burned overseas.

China has recently enforced an import ban on large quantities of recycling resulting in industries scrambling for new markets and ways to dispose of their waste. Due to this ban, it is estimated that by 2030, 111 million tonnes of plastic waste will have nowhere to go.

In lieu of this, many companies have turned to Southeast Asia to dispose of their recycling and made Malaysia one of the world’s biggest importers of plastic scrap. The country is overwhelmed with towering dumps of plastic waste while the burnt debris and runoff from factories pollutes rivers used by the locals. Water that has become visibly discoloured and filled with trash is still being used to fish and irrigate surrounding farmlands, making citizens sick.

Despite the Malaysian government shutting down close to 150 illegal, unlicensed factories, North American shipments are still pouring in. America alone contributed more than 2 million tonnes of plastic overseas, whereas Canada contributed more than 10,000 tonnes of plastic scrap in 2018.

It is important to remember to reduce, reuse and THEN recycle. Recycling is meant to be our last resort – however, it has become our first. We need to focus more on reducing and reusing first and foremost.

At Lifespan, we concern ourselves with minimizing carbon footprints, pollution and toxic waste. Our methods follow top environmental and security standards and provide Certificates of Recycling, certifying title transfer and full compliance with all environmental regulations.

In order to dispose of products in the most economic way possible, our products are recycled and segregated. Our process involves:

  • Refurbishing parts in good working conditions
  • Separating unusable components to yield clean commodities
  • Turning plastic, steel, aluminium, copper and precious metals into 100% recyclable products, instead of burning or throwing them into landfills

Ensure your products are disposed of properly – don’t be part of the 9 percent. Avoid fake recycling companies and use a certified vendor. Call us at (888)720-0900 and allow us to dispose of your products in a certified, eco-friendly manner.

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