Make Sure Your Passwords are Secure

secure password

In a world where cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in the US, it is important to ensure your accounts are secure. Knowing the different types of hacking attacks and using a secure password are your best defense in protecting your data.

3 Main Types of Attacks:

  • Brute Force Attack – Hackers use automated software to hack your password by trying as many combinations as possible in as quick of a time as possible, some systems are able to try 350 billion guesses per second.
  • Dictionary Attack – Hackers try a prearranged list of words that can be found in a dictionary. 
  • Phishing – Hackers try to trick, intimidate, or pressure you through social engineering, usually emails, into providing them with what they want.

Password Tips:

  • Make sure your password is long and difficult for others to guess.
  • Use a mix of characters: Include numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Use nonsensical phrases: Stay away from the oblivious, avoid using single words and use letter combinations that are not in the dictionary or grammatically correct as they will be harder to crack.
  • Do not use characters that are sequential on a keyboard such as “1-2-3-4”.
  • Avoid using personal information.
  • Use two-factor authentication. 
  • Do not reuse passwords: Always use unique passwords.
  • Keep your password to yourself: Do not give your password to other people or write it down where it can be easily accessed.
  • Change your password regularly, especially on accounts with sensitive information.
  • When setting up password recovery questions, always choose questions that are hard-to-guess.
  • Use a password manager.

Password Managers – What They Are and How They Work

Password Managers should be your first defense against getting hacked. By storing your login information in an encrypted digital vault, Password Managers autofill your login information when you revisit a website or service. No more resetting your password or struggling to remember what password variation you used.

On top of being your own personal password vault, Password Managers are able to generate strong, unique passwords for you to use all while ensuring they are different from your other passwords used on other platforms. Sometimes they can even provide secure storage for electronic copies of documents like passports.

Recommended Password Managers for 2020:

  • iCloud Keychain (For Apple products only)
  • Google Password Manager (Must have a Google Account)
  • LastPass 
  • 1Password 
  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane

For more information on how you can ensure your data is safe, even after you’re done with it, call us at (888)720-0900. With 100% safe and secure procedures, Lifespan’s professional ITAD logistics management ensures complete peace of mind for you.

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