ITAD: Why is it Important?


ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) is the practice of recycling, redeploying, repairing, or disposing of obsolete IT equipment devices in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Not only does this process contribute positively to our environment, but it also is crucial for the data security of sensitive organization information. Organizations that seek services from a non-certified vendor risk having their confidential data leaked.

Core Pillars of ITAD

Responsible Recycling

This is the least good option & the last resort – the asset is destroyed and reduced to commodities that can mostly be recycled into other things.


Devices can be remarketed or redeployed.


For corporate enterprise organizations, a certified vendor can collect devices on-site and then – after repair, data removal, reset of configuration – you can reuse it internally.


Seek repair options to repurpose your equipment.

Why is ITAD important?

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning organizations are quick to upgrade their devices to stay current with the latest advances. This has made ITAD a critical issue when considering electronic waste and data security. 

A certified ITAD vendor can help minimize the global electronic waste issue by preventing devices from ending up in a landfill. For most devices, internal components can be reused which helps reduce harmful and hazardous materials from negatively impacting our environment. The reuse and redeploying of assets when organizations choose to undergo an IT refresh also contributes positively to the circular economy. Repair is also an important consideration, as organizations can refurbish their equipment for fewer costs rather than purchasing new devices.

Whether an organization is looking to upgrade their devices or clear out old office IT equipment, secure data destruction is key in protecting your sensitive data. It is important to choose a compliant vendor who adheres to certifications such as NAID-AAA and local, state, and federal regulations to ensure your data is kept secure.


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