ITAD & Sustainability

According to the World Economic Forum, 50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year and is now known to be the fastest-growing waste stream issue in the world. By 2050, the amount of produced e-waste is expected to double, due to an increase in demand for devices. The volume of retired assets is also increasing with employees returning to the office, hybrid work, online learning, and tech-advanced vehicles.

To minimize this growing issue and to build a better and sustainable world, the reuse and redeployment of old assets, responsible recycling and contributing positively to the circular economy are important corporate social responsibility practices that organizations should consider—and that begins by partnering with a certified ITAD vendor.

Reuse and Redeploy

IT assets that are no longer of value to your organization may still have remaining life. These assets can either be repaired or redeployed for maximum value. Both processes help to prolong the life cycle of a device and minimize the number of devices thrown into the landfill each year.

Sustainability & a Circular Economy

The circular economy is a systems solutions framework that tackles global challenges like electronic waste. In a circular economy, nothing is waste. We can retain and recover as much value as possible from resources by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, repurposing, or recycling products and materials.

Organizations can save money and take advantage of opportunities in a circular economy by benefiting from IT asset value back programs. Engagement in this practice will further help to minimize electronic waste and extend the life of a device.

Responsible Recycling

Do you know where your IT assets end up after you dispose of them? With a certified ITAD vendor, you can recycle your assets in an environmentally friendly way and minimize carbon footprint, pollution, and toxic waste.

Before partnering with a vendor, make sure they are certified by the most rigorous industry standard and audited regularly to ensure professional care of your retired devices. To ensure sustainable practices are followed, choose an R2-certified recycler to deal with all your device recycling requirements.

Let's Get Sustainable!

Partner with a certified vendor like Lifespan, to build a better tomorrow! We have the right ITAD services to build a customized and comprehensive program to suit your organizational needs and contribute positively to the circular economy with sustainable initiatives. Schedule a call with us today to get started!

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