Industries that need Professional ITAD Services

ITAD Services are integral to keeping your organization’s data safe

Large corporations often have to manage massive amounts of data. As such, it is crucial that they reach out to a reputable ITAD partner whenever they are changing or updating their equipment. By utilizing an experienced ITAD partner, public/private sector organizations and businesses are able to secure and maintain the value of their electronic and IT equipment. Lifespan enables customers to recoup value in a data-secure, legally compliant, and sustainable way. 

Many industries require professional ITAD services but a few to note include Banking & Finance, Civil Engineering, Law & Government and Tech.  


Banking & Finance  

Companies in the banking and financial sector have to prioritize confidentiality in many aspects of their process. They need to assure their clients that their private information is secure at all times in order to make them feel safe and protected when their money is involved.  


Civil Engineering 

As an industry that works with sensitive information and often has to digitize large amounts of documents, it is important that this data remains safe. Furthermore, it is vital that these documents do not end up in their competitor’s hands. As a result, the transportation and/or erasure of said data must be done securely.  


Law & Government  

When it comes to entities that work within the legal sector and/or deal with governmental bodies, maintaining and securing confidential information is of the utmost importance. They need to ensure personal information is protected from cyber-attacks to protect clients as well as citizens.  


Tech Industry 

Lastly, tech is an industry that is all about data. Whether it’s about developing a new app or video game, this data is sensitive and sought after. As such, this makes them a target for attacks and other security risks. Therefore, data security is of high priority to them. 

ITAD services are important for large corporations and industries, but it’s important to practice data security on a personal level.  We should practice wiping our sensitive information whenever we are updating or changing our equipment.  

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