IAITAM Ace Conference 2022

Lifespan is thrilled to attend the first in-person IAITAM Ace Conference in two years in Las Vegas, NV, May 17-19! We will be speaking about emerging post-pandemic business structure shifts regarding IT Asset Management including,

  • Closure and Downsizing of Office Space
  • Remote and Hybrid Work
  • Challenges for IT Asset Managers
    • Planning phases, deadlines, inventory, chain of custody, availability & location
  • Data Security
  • Post-pandemic changes to IT Asset Refresh

Are you interested in learning more about these topics and how they could affect your ITAD program? Schedule a call with us today!

About ACE?

The IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) is the world’s leading IT Asset Management conference. At ACE, C-level executives, IT, Financial, and Legal professionals come together to explore the latest in ITAM and its impact on business operations, compliance, and profitability. IAITAM, the world leader in ITAM education, hosts over 2,000 attendees around the world at ACE every year. ACE fulfills the needs of the ITAM professional with educational lectures, workshops, vendor interaction and networking opportunities. Moreover, it provides attendees with relevant knowledge that can be implemented upon their return to the office to start new asset management programs or improve existing ones. (IAITAM, 2022).

Click here to learn more about the IAITAM Ace Conference.

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