Hardware Lifecycle Management

A computer can’t run software without hardware. Lifecycle management is essential for maintaining productivity, so it’s a major part of any company’s operations. It’s important to maximize the lifespan of your IT hardware to get the most return on your investment since even the top hardware will eventually need to be replaced.

Your business can save time and money with effective IT hardware asset management. When it comes to IT hardware recycling, organizations struggle to get rid of it in a secure and eco-friendly way, especially since they have to deal with different systems and employees with different levels of awareness and training.

Keeping an inventory of your hardware will help your company save money and reduce productivity losses.

Some companies cycle old computers to less critical areas of the business. However, old hardware, including computers and servers, will need to be disposed of at some point. The disposal of outdated equipment puts businesses at risk since sensitive information can be retained.

Getting Ready to Dispose of Your Hardware?

Get your hardware ready for disposal with these steps.

Backup your data

You can keep and save your data by backing up your hard drive. You can do this by making an external hard drive archive of your computer’s data

2. Wipe your hard drive

Protect your company from data thieves by wiping your data. This can be done by deleting all your files, unlinking, uninstalling all your programs, clearing your browser, and wiping and restoring your factory settings.


Connect with Lifespan

Lifespan is a responsible IT Asset Disposition leader with world-class expertise and tools to handle 100% secure Data Security, Destruction and Sanitization for all types of data storage devices. We offer value recovery services to help ensure you get maximum returns while also recycling your old IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

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