Apple Shifts Towards ‘Right to Repair’

In recent news, Apple has announced that they are taking steps towards “Right to Repair,” granting select independent repair shops the ability to repair iPhones by supplying authentic parts and diagnostics. As it currently stands, Right to Repair teams are being formed for 2020 to meet with state legislators and discuss the state of affairs surrounding the legislative process. While Apple continues to move towards Right to Repair, legislators will find it increasingly easy to set rational guidelines for the future of asset repair. In the case of ITAD economic recovery, being afforded the right to asset refurbishing is a step in a positive direction towards implementing effective and sustainable repair ecosystems. As we are at the forefront of information technology repair, we take pride in curating equipment and ensuring that safe and secure measures are taken surrounding repair efforts.

Here are some of the ways that SMEs and consumers stand to benefit from Right to Repair:

  • Advanced product repair options provided by OEMs for out-of-warranty iPhones as far back as the iPhone 6 (including a wider range of tools, diagnostics, parts, guides and training to perform repairs)
  • Tighter regulations surrounding the safeguarding of personal data and reliability of product repairs
  • Implementation of fixed terms and prices
  • Products will be given a “second life” – increased potential for financial saving and data recovery for consumers
  • Growth of ITAD sector
  • Support for eco-friendly corporate initiatives
  • Introduction of the Independent Repair Provider Program – affording repair shops the ability to provide repairs upon completion of a free 40-hour online certification program

Lifespan and supporters of Right to Repair are continuing to file powerful new comments in support of the legislation. As the fight for Right to Repair expands, we will continue to support efforts pertaining to providing businesses and consumers in North America with the most reliable and secure asset refurbishment.