Large Hospital Network

A well-reputed, national hospital network based in the United States retained Lifespan to create a customized ITAD program to meet their end of life asset management needs. The program provided the hospital network a complete solution using a combination of Lifespan services:

  • Logistics and Asset Management
  • Secure On-site Data Destruction
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • EZ-cycle Boxes
  • Resale Value Recovery

The hospital network operates over 100 sites in multiple states across the USA. Given these distributed locations, they faced some key challenges. In particular, using multiple vendors and service providers was negatively affecting cost efficiency, service effectiveness and the network’s ability to maintain operational consistency at each location.

Lifespan was chosen as the network’s preferred ITAD partner because of our ability to serve multiple locations with a uniform and comprehensive line of solutions backed by excellent customer service and support. Lifespan technicians provide on-site scanning and validation of every asset collected, removal and destruction of every hard drive, as well as ensure secure packing and transportation. Once they reached Lifespan, all assets are sorted and the organization receives significant resale credit from Lifespan that offsets a significant portion of the cost of the on-site services.

Our ability to serve multiple locations, expertise in secure data destruction, regulatory compliance, risk management, environmentally responsible disposal and maximizing return on investments have helped the hospital network achieve its end of life asset management goals in a centralized, efficient and cost effective manner.

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